Managment Team

Kuldeep Singh

Mobile: +91 9911309987
Personal Fitness Trainer


"First Class champion and physical trainer with experience of more than 13 years”


Specializing In -

Total body make over and transformations
General body conditioning and toning
Sports conditioning
Teaching how to make healthier choices by choosing the right foods
Meal plans
Body assessments & training programs
Muscle building
Assisting men & women physique athletes prepare for competition from dieting to stage presentation.
Personal training also offered in the comfort of your own home.


Achievements -

Top Athletics during my school years
30th March 2004 | Open Mr. Delhi Competition | 3rd Place | Domestic
10th October 2004 | Open Mr. Delhi Competition | 3rd Place | Domestic

19th November 2004 | Open Mr. Delhi Competition | 3rd Place | Domestic

22nd January 2005 | Mr. Delhi Competition | 1st Place | International

26th February 2005 | Health Organization | 1st Place | Domestic

16th September 2005 | Mr. YMCA | 2nd Place | Domestic

6th April 2008 | Open Mr. Delhi Competition | 1st Place | Domestic


Hobbies / Interests -

Competing in Fitness competitions
Weight training
Reading exercise & nutrition books
Researching the latest in exercise and nutrition to keep my knowledge as up to date as possible


Questions & Answers -


How long have you been a Personal Trainer?
13 years personal training full time. I also offer personal training sessions which is a much affordable option should you not be able to afford to directly come to us; this is also available to all those wishing to incorporate some fun cardio between your personal training sessions and for those who enjoy exercising at their homes. This is open to ALL fitness levels, male & female


What motivated you to become a Personal Trainer?
Since I can remember the enhancement of the human physique has always been intriguing and stimulating for me. I, personally, have put hours and hours of rigorous training to shape and transform myself. We all have the potential to achieve more. I focus on tapping into that part of you that says’ “I know that I can take my body to new limits.”

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